My body is filled with healing energy and I require for being touched!

Every human body is able to heal. To heal themselves and to heal others. Have you ever heard about the POWER of TOUCH?

There are many studies both scientific and psychological that touch have power. Touch is the first sense we acquire. Even when we where not born yet parents usually touched us from the outside world, especially moms did. You may not remember but when you were kid you used to touch everything all the time. Sometimes it was nice sometimes the surface you touched hurt you and so on. But now I am talking about the power which we can give to others by touching them. Something like hugging, massage, small gesture, illness or even pain healing through your hand.

„Lots of times people don’t even remember being touched. They just feel there’s a connection, they feel that they like that person more,” Guerrero says.

The power of touch is profound – whether it is an accidental gaze from a stranger, the strong kneading of a professional masseur, a gentle hold from someone you love, an encouraging hand on the shoulder a quick kiss on the forehead or one that is slower, more tender and more expected. It can deepen the connections, heal, communicate, influence and soothe. When the touch is cold and brittle, it can also widen the distance between two people. For an experiment you can notice your reactions and feeling in various types of touches.

Our skin is our largest organ, and would measure about two meters if it was laid flat. With every single, simple squeeze or touch to other person we can say so much ” Are you okay?” „I miss you so much!” ” I’m very proud of you” „I cherish you!” „You need any help?” „I love you!” and more. Sometimes we need a simple hug or nice hand on our shoulder and our day changes automatically. For me I require always being touched, I need that little support daily. Especially when I feel not well or my mood is bad. I’m so happy that near me there is people who offers me that and never turns their backs to me. So it should be important to you as well if you seek for that and don’t get enough of touch. Usually people are scared to ask for that, but they shouldn’t be ! If you not ask or speak about that loudly nothing will change, so ask for it and you will be amazed how simple it is. Small request to be hugged can change your whole inner atmosphere !

There is plenty benefits of touching. As it is the first language we ever spoke it can:

  • reduce the stress
  • heal body pain
  • relax muscles
  • get you intimate
  • bring closer to people
  • make your words seem more reliable

ADVICE FROM ME: START touching more and be more gentle, more opened. Just one thing, people need to get used to that so if you are not sure if a person needs your touch so you can only ask „Can I hug you?”

Let’s make this planet more friendly, let’s take more care of others, let’s spread more LOVE and let’s share our Power of Touch. Enough to be outraged and selfish – together we can make this living on earth much more pleasant. We may never know if someone else need our warmth or help if we never ask them Be brave, be different – spread your LOVE and POWER of Touch to others