This year I turned 30! Omg… First, before it happened I was feeling worried, like where my life brought me, I am almost 30 and have no idea what tomorrow will look like. Despite that, the birthday came (oh well.. I still can’t stop the time) 😃. So, the feeling of what will happen next – is gone. Do you know why? I guess because I just admitted that it will not change and I will have to deal and live with it. I said OK let’s do it and make now my 30 the best year of my life!

And then it begun…

So, my birthday was in January. And this time I decided that I don’t want any party, but a trip to Rome! We still had a small gathering with family members in the sauna and celebrated my day and after that, a couple of days later I and Mindaugas flew to Italy. The first time I was visiting the country, but oh believe me, not the last one for sure!!!

I fell in LOVE with Italy straight after we landed there. The smell of coffee and the spirit of people got deep into my heart and I knew it was the best decision this year so far! I really enjoyed the small trip and had a lot of memories to remember.

But what about that worry I had, that I am 30??? mm??

“You are not regarded as lost until you realize you’re lost”

Rome showed me exactly how much I am aligned with my life, and how I achieved my goals already. If in January I wasn’t sure what will be next, trust me, in February I was already calm. Travelling gives us a lot of thoughts (especially for me). After a long period of Covid-19, it was the first and the most important trip. During that time I realized how special my life is. I have a job that I love, I have a love of my life near me, and I even have my own company (this I never could imagine). Also, I have other activities which I admire doing and which bring me lots of joy. I grow up a strong and determined woman, my path wasn’t really easy, but I managed to deal with everything and now I am here, in love with myself, and my life, and grateful for all opportunities which are coming my way. Thank you, thank you!

Basically, this small story is about how we usually underestimate ourselves and forget how far we have come. So, I am learning to see the things I do and write them down, so after I know that I wasn’t sitting only on the sofa, but I achieved my dreams and my life isn’t about regrets, my life is about finding new things!

And now I ask myself – Tatjana, what’s next? And I still don’t know, but for sure I know, that something big and beautiful is coming my way, so I just stay confident and trust the universe whatever it will bring to me, it will be meant for me. So I remain calm and enjoy my life with all the beautiful things I have in it.

I trust and accept!

Rome, Italy
Vatican city

Rome, Italy
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