I always had on my bucket list – a ROAD TRIP. In the middle of March, we were at home and decided to travel, not for a couple of days or a week, but for two months, so we could feel the culture and change the environment which will be good for us both. And what do you think? After a month when everything was settled, we packed our things and went for a new experience, which I never had before. A road trip to ITALY of course!

It was the absolute best trip with the car I had in my life till now. I can’t describe the beauty and variety of the road. We started in Lithuania, and it was a beautiful day (everything as we are used to). Then we crossed Poland and drew a long long way across her. I thought it would be easier, but Poland is really huge! Besides that, we decided to reach the Czech Republic for a night’s stay. So, we booked a room for a night and it was really late, I and Mindaugas was tired so the only two things which were on my mind: a hot shower and a comfy bed. Ok, the adventure started straight away on our first night!

“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

— Bertrand Russell.

The owner of the booked room was not responding, so we were left alone in the middle of the night in an unknown country. Haha, only now it’s funny. We where so angry beacause of tiredness, so we started to panic, but after couple minutes we laughed so much of this situation, and decided that it’s not a coincidence, so we called booking.com and they helped us to find new place which was the only one near the road motel in that city. Ok, well we went there and the owner was so drunk that he couldn’t manage that night bookings, but we just took our keys and without lots of explanation went to our room. It was small, and the shower was standing near the bed, but I didn’t care anythign, i just took my towel had a hot shower and went straigth to the bed to sleep. Oh well, the bed sheets where super soft and everything around was so clean and fresh, that i was so happy that we stayed here despite all the circumstantces!

In the morning, the owner was super fresh and we both also! We had such good sleep and went downstairs for a morning coffee, it was complimentary and super tasty! Afterward, it was time to pack and go further. This day’s goal was to reach Italy and stay there for a night. Ok around 1000km ahead so we didn’t waste our time and started to ride.

Our route to Austria was AMAZING! First of all, I never thought that the highway will be between all the Alps. For me was so hard to believe that we are driving through and on the mountains. Wow if I could explain the feeling of driving by myself in that place I could, but probably it’s impossible to write it down, only I remember that it was so beautiful that I even cried…

Small video here… Between the Alps.

As you can see, it is really breathtaking! So all the road taxes (which were not cheap) was worth every cent we spent. It is like visiting a museum, only for 1000km and more! Fantastic, right?

Buonasera Italy!

In the evening we crossed the Italy border, and we reached our destination country where we’ll live for a couple of months. It was getting late, so we decided to find a place to stay over for the night, and this time we checked only Airbnb (booking.com never again in my life I said) and we found a lovely place to stay in Venice Gardens! Yahoo let’s go!

A small city in the middle of nowhere left a great impression.

Venice Gardens were really beautiful. It was already deep spring here. So warm and all the trees and flowers were blooming! I felt alive and reborn. Together with the morning sun, we started our last day of trip by car to our final destination point Santa Maria, Calabria Regionale. Today we had to drive ~1200km and we had to finish it. I Mindaugas were tired already of driving and sitting positions, so we did a lot of stops and had some stretches, my knee injury in Rome renewed, and form me was hard to drive, but I did as much as I could. We were changing near the wheel and when it became dark, we were driving through lots of long tunnels, and there were plenty of road constructions, so it was a bit scary and intense, but slowly with big accuracy, we reached our region. Ok, at night it was really scary! Why? OMG… Our rental place was down the mountains, where the road is simple without any big signs or partitions, and when we go down with the car it seemed like we would gonna crash into something. I was super tense, and Mindaugas was really careful. Glad that there was not too much traffic this late time so we were where lucky. We came to our house and it was super dark, we could see only the small lights on the coast, but the owner said to wait for the morning, you will see the Sicily from here, the Etna and Stromboli volcanos and much more… So I was excited to wake up! Finally felt safe and warm at home, tomorrow no more driving – now only settling in a new place!

to be continued…