Did you ever smell Lavender straight away after the rain?

“Her love was like lavender,

delicate and melancholy.”

― Laura Chouette

My mom is my best friend. I mention this here, because she is a flower lover and this post is about flowers. In her yard you can find various of flowers and plants. Whenever i visit her she is showing me what new she planted and i am always proud of her hobby. She is a nurse but despite this she raised up 3 kids, and have a big garden where she grows her own vegetables, which we can eat as well. So she is a hard working woman and i love her so much.

So , lavender… Really try to do that after the rain and tell me what you think?

These kind of small things make our life better, don’t you agree? Mine for sure..

If not small things that happening in my daily routine i probably would say that life is boring, but it’s not true, because every time i am grateful for small things in my life and for this reason my life is BEAUTIFUL!

Same here, lavender after the rain. One small thing and all day can be blessed. Believe me and start noticing the signs and the nature. The flowers they are the diamonds of universe.