“A woman in love with herself is magnetic.”

― Abiola Abrams

Quarantine was long and depressful moment for me. I tried to stay focused and think about this as a gift to humanity. To stop and to see who we really are and what happening around us. I have meaning that this was such an opportunity for people to come back to ourselves and to start to value the things that was already hidden under money under power, under government and all the trash.

My days where various. But most of it lonely. One thing I did strictly was yoga and meditation – for this i am grateful to my soul mother Ramunė. She was doing women gatherings for us to see the beauty of this lock down and to return to namaste. During the practice sometimes where hard. When it was a day for movement therapy i realised how much pain and loneliness i have inside me during those days. I danced to the music and cried, in this way releasing my all sadness. Online there was a lot of women participating in same practices, and i known barely some of them. Every time i felt a big energy coming during practice. Something like female power. You can compare that feeling with tingling.

The biggest thing what all woman where waiting is when we could see each other and hug. And it happened. After quarantine we had a meeting for woman circle. It was my first time to meet all of them in real, not from the internet. It was so pure and real. No one had their masks on. All of them are unique and it inspired me to be myself even more, in every situation of my life. We are our own magic. Nobody can destroy that , you only cherish it.

“Some days I am more wolf than woman, and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.”

― Nikita Gill

After this kind of „medicine” i feel most alive. I am filled with energy which i forget that i have .